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Mariposa Fish & Game Protective Association


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Mariposa County Fish and Game Protective Association

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

5056 Darrah Road ~ Mariposa, California 95338

Hall Manager: Tamara Posey (209) 966-3154 ftposey@yahoo.com

The Clubhouse Rental Fee is $100.00/day or $275.00/3 day weekend, plus a deposit of $150.00. The reservation cannot be confirmed until deposit has been collected by the Hall Manager. Your fee must be paid no later than one (1) week prior to your rental date (please no post-dated checks). Please make both checks payable to MCF&GPA; do not send cash. Cashier’s check, personal check and money order are acceptable methods of payment.

You have the hall reserved for _____________________________ from 6:00 am until 12:00am, unless other arrangements have been made. If you would like an earlier set-up or a later cleanup, you must arrange this with the Hall Manager; arrangements can be made as long as there are no other events booked.

Alcohol use/sale:

If you are planning on serving/selling alcohol at your event, you must comply with all ABC regulations. If selling alcohol, a permit MUST be acquired, and proof of the permit must be submitted 1 week before the event to the Hall Manager. You may obtain further information from http://www.abc.ca.gov and an application from http://www.abc.ca.gov/forms/PDFSpc.html.

**The MCF&GPA will not be liable for any underage drinking or distribution of alcohol to minors and/or adults below drinking age.

General Hall Rental Rules:

The following rules apply to all renters of the hall. The cleaning of the hall must be performed on the day of the hall rental, unless alternate arrangements have been made prior to the date of the event with the Hall Manager. The person whose signature appears on the rental agreement shall be responsible for the care of the hall, as well as ensuring that all persons attending the event abide by the General Rules.

***Under NO circumstances are the animal mounts to be moved, decorated, covered or in any way handled or disturbed by anyone. If there is any damage to the mounts, the renter will be charged for the repair; by signing this agreement, the renter agrees to these terms.***

Hall Clean-Up:

If the hall is not returned to the pre-event state, an hourly fee of $35 will be assessed and deducted from your deposit.

1. All trash is to be removed from the property. If trash needs to be hauled, there will be a $50 dump fee which will be deducted from your deposit.

2. All surface areas of the sink, refrigerator, ovens, and counter tops must be left clean using the cleaning supplies provided by the MCF&GPA. All spills, grease, and splashes must be cleaned up, and the refrigerator must be emptied of all food and/or drinks.

3. All chairs and table must be cleaned using the cleaning supplies provided by the MCF&GPA, and then they should be stacked in the designated areas.

4. All floors must be swept (and wet mopped if necessary), using the cleaning supplies provided by the MCF&GPA.

5. The Charcoal BBQ, if used, must be completely hosed out.Charcoal BBQ use will not be permitted during fire season

Before vacating the premises, please be sure the following items have been checked:

1. Air cooler (including water outside), heater, ceiling fans (switch is by the kitchen door), vent fans and lights (inside & out) should be turned off.

2. In the Event of an Emergency: Gas valves to all appliances are switched off and the main line (valve is on the wall to the left of the kitchen door outside) door is turned to the off position.

3. Fireplace has no hot embers left; scatter the embers within the fire box, DO NOT douse with water.

4. All doors and windows are closed and locked (including women’s bathroom window).

5. The cleaning supplies have been placed back into the “Cleaning Supply Cabinet”

General Information:

The gate will be opened as per arrangement with the Hall Manager. Kitchenware and supplies are not provided by the MCF&GPA, unless otherwise specified. Specified items may be used upon arrangement and additional fees paid. The large refrigerator in the kitchen are for event use, and must be emptied upon leaving. The MCF&GPA bar-b-que is included in the hall rental, but charcoal and/or wood are not provided by the MCF&GPA.

Cancellation Policy:

If your cancellation is made up to 5 days before the event, your entire rental fee and deposit will be returned within 15 business days. If your cancellation is made 4 days or fewer, there will be a $25.00 cancellation fee, and all of your deposit will be returned within 15 business days.

Mariposa County Fish and Game Protective Association

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

5056 Darrah Road ~ Mariposa, California 95338

Hall Manager: Tamara Posey (209) 966-3154 ftposey@yahoo.com

Please copy and paste Form Below to a Email and send to ftposey@yahoo.com         Or Download the PDF File and Print


By signing this agreement, you hereby state that you completely understand all of the rules and policies outlined by the Mariposa County Fish and Game Protective Association, Inc.

Name of Organization: ________________________________________________

Name of Responsible Party: ____________________________________________

Signature of responsible party: __________________________________________


Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: _________ Zip: __________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________________________

Type of event: ________________________________________________________

Reservation date(s): ____________________________________________________

Please send Signed Agreement and (2) separate checks payable to MCF&GPA – (1) for the Rental Amount and (1) for the Cleaning Deposit to:

Tamara Posey, Hall Manager


P.O. BOX 1042

Mariposa, CA 95338


This portion to be completed by the Hall Manager

Rental Fee(s): ______________ Payment Type: ____________

Cleaning Deposit: ___________ Payment Type: ____________

Date Received: _______________________

Date, Amount, Check # of Refund: _____________________________

Mariposa County Fish and Game Protective Associate would like to thank you for your patronage. We hope you enjoy your event!

End of Form