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Yosemite Park in Winter
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MARIPOSA COUNTY FISH AND GAME ASSOCIATION CONSTITUTION The object of this association shall be to protect and conserve fish, game, song birds and forests: to foster in the mind of the people a love for nature and natures works; to be mindful of ecology; to promote good fellowship among sportsmen; to create a better understanding of the rights of the farmer and more appreciation for the privileges granted the sportsmen by the farmer; to encourage the propagation of fish and game with which to restock the game fish in public waters and to assist the State Fish and Game Commissioners in the protection of fish and game and in the enforcement of the laws enacted for that purpose. Bylaws

Executive Committee - 2023:
President-Stephen Cole Vice President - Don Nelson Treasurer - Tamara Posey Secretary - Monica Nelson
Board Of Directors - 2023:
Larry Gregory Michelle Kaus James Kaus  
Danica Gantley   Christopher Posey  
Frank Posey  
Katy Goodman  

Fishing Merced River alifornia Buck
Merced River Fishing
Deer in the Sierras
Turkeys and Deer Mountain Lion
Turkeys and Deer Mountain Lion
Bobcat Three Bears
Bobcat Bears in Yosemite
Wild Boar Grey Squirrel
  Gray Squirrel
Wild Boar  

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